‘Separation is an illusion’……or is it?

This should be compulsory reading for all politicians. And I am well aware that this simple suggestion pre-supposes that any of them are capable of rational thought, self-examination, and possessed of a level of humility which has been well masked hitherto.

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There’s an African Unity conference going on here in Gambia at the moment. It’s taking place inside an obscenely huge conference hall designed and built by Beijing….a building that very nearly halved the reserve Park available to Red and Fervert monkeys. Very few of the attendees have anything to do with Gambia (a tiny country) but the most important thing for the authorities is that these bureaucrats should be spared the sight of breadline poverty wherever their CD-plate limos may take them.

Every last one of these decision makers is dressed in expensive clothing and overweight. They do not look to left or right, for fear they might have to engage with the socio-economic results of their policy fantasies. But they all have the conference ID cards that mark them out as a species apart….almost as if they might be evacuee kids during 1940.

Out front of my apartment…

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One of the most frequent arguments put forward by the pro-mRNA “anti-conspiranoid” tendency goes along the lines of, “Governments do a lot for us….pensions and health services, protecting the country from attack, making working life safer and so on….why on earth would they want to harm us with vaccines, when all they’re trying to do is help?”.

In this post, The Slog tries to show that for years, Big Business and banking has taken the credit for actions that hid an ulterior motive, and Big Government has learned from this corporate virtue-signalling hypocrisy. The more corporatocracy grows globally, the more diabolically ambitious the megalomaniac cooperative’s objectives have become.

The degree to which present behaviour in public office feeds off a past wherein there was, from time to time, genuinely well-meaning government philanthropy is remarkable. For the 7/8ths who prefer little kittens and fluffy clouds, it is a treacherous lifeline they…

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“You vill have nuzzink und be scared sheetless”

Can’t be long now …

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– Fact Checkers Say

Christmas is nearly here, and to the left we see French tabloid La Dépêche leading with a special feature yesterday about tree decorations, and the art of giving the good old Tannenbaum a look that is, at one and the same time, both festive and contemporary. “When our Lord came into the world, he was but a frightened, bedwetting baby just like all of you,” leading pro-mRNA Priest Ange-Xavier Mensonge told his flock later in the day, “and so at this holy time of year it is appropriate that all little children should come unto the Jabberwocky Angels of death and their eternal needles, for ever and ever, amen”.

Dépêche tells us of the global fear about Omicron (created by their colleagues in the media) and then asks, is it more contagious (than what?) more dangerous (no), a problem for the vaccines (yes) and bad news…

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Kate Bingham: a suitable case for treatment?

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This post is seminal for me, because it demonstrates most of what the Covid Caper has been about: misty motives, contradictory statements, blind ambition, moral hazard, Royal honours and media failure to examine all those things with the reader’s benefit in mind. Case histories like this one are the genuine reason why the 1 in 8 have grave doubts about these soi-disant “vaccines”: the authorities may try to smear all of us as “nuts” (thank you, Boris Johnson) while friends and family either bully or shun us, but our sole sin is to have the malodorous scent of large rodents in our noses.

So far, The Slog has made only passing reference to The Honourable Dame Catherine Elizabeth Bingham, who chaired the UK Government’s Vaccine Taskforce, steering procurement of vaccines and the strategy for their deployment from mid 2020 until earlier this year. This earned her the customary Covid Gong…

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Covid Passports

Someone recently asked about the logic – or lack thereof – of introducing covid passports. He couldn’t fathom the reason behind Johnson’s push for the passports (or universal digital ID). I suggested that he inspect any herd of cattle in the UK and pay particular attention to the eartags the creatures are compelled to endure from birth to their ignoble death in your friendly local abbatoir.

Here are some willing young participants in the governments latest wheeze; apparently, they embraced the notion willingly so they could go on holiday and pay £7 a pint in a nightclub:

The Johnson creature – and more particularly, the sociopathic bastards who propel him hither and yon – could not care less about the well-being of the populace in this once fine country. We are regarded as docile cattle to be prodded this way and that according to the whims and dictates of the governing elites and, given the servile and dumb acceptance of the majority of people in this country – no matter what further iniquities are demanded of them – who is to say that the powers that be are not largely correct in their conclusions? They are certainly increasingly bold in their fascist tendencies; and I use that word as employed by Mussolini in a rare moment of honesty.

Anyone who has seen the film ‘Metropolis’ will be familiar with this scene:

It occurred to me that the elites would love to see this kind of dumb obedience when it comes to the mRNA experimental ‘vaccines’. Here we have one queue going in for their regular monthly top-up jab, while the others glumly and with no hope whatsoever plod off to whatever shell of a life is permitted.

All life is balance. There will be a reckoning – not revenge, but a balancing if you will – for the evil sods pursuing this agenda.

SYNCHRONISED COERCION: the defiant now really Under Fire

Vaccine macht frei

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The Boy King Emannuel Macron announced yesterday that he will pass a law requiring all health workers to get vaccinated by Sept. 15 . He also added that, for the broader population, the goal was now to “put restrictions on the unvaccinated rather than on everyone.”

Thus, starting July 21 – a week tomorrow – anyone entering a cultural venue or an amusement park will need to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative virus test, Macron said. This will be extended in August to restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, retirement homes and long-distance transportation.

France will also start charging money for some virus tests, which until now were free, in the Autumn, “to encourage vaccination rather than increased testing,” Macron said.

In short, no jab – no life. And we the more sapiens Homos are UnderFire.

As with most things to do with The Deadly Global Fear Reset Funny…

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A Slogan For Our Times

Because I am a simple amd earnest soul I have attempted to devise a slogan to assist our regime government in its endeavour to compel everyone over the age of three to have the covid “vaccine” without delay. Slogans that are easy to remember and chant are much beloved by the Johnson creature so it is best that they are kept to three words; with this in mind, I present the following for the sheep to chant as they box the ears of the ignorant unvaccinated fools:

Please feel free to re-post this hither and yon. We must ensure that everyone is helped to fight this terrifying disease.


They stole my wife’s state pension and fucked our retirement plans.

They have fucked this country’s economy for decades to come.

They are lying about Covid and using it as an excuse to convince people to get themselves injected with some unproven, little-tested experimental genetic treatment while granting the manufacturers and purveyors immunity from any prosecution whatsoever if/when things go wrong.

They know, we know, and they know that we know that the wearing of face-masks is pointless and probably injurious to health. Masks are, however, an excellent indicator of quiescence and compliance in a meek populace – which is why they are kept in place.

They have ruined the livelihoods of countless entrepreneurs and SMEs in this country. They have ruined this country’s economy for no reason – other than a blatant intention to follow some half-baked globalist plan dictated by very rich men who do not have our best interests at heart.

They will be directly responsible for massive unemployment in coming months.

They are directly responsible for the rising numbers of poor people who are suffering mental ill-health.

They have fucked the UK’s entire medical care system and do not give a flying fuck about the people who have suffered terribly as a result. GPs have been conspicuous by their absence as they hide behind the surgery sofas. The sainted NHS is a national disgrace but worshipped by credulous folk brain-washed a by a cynical ‘Conservative’ administration.

They are following a nonsensical green agenda which will cause us untold misery, energy shortages and debt in the years to come. The PM’s spouse – unelected by anyone – seems to have carte blanche to come up with increasingly bizarre ‘green’ bollox without any parliamentary oversight whatsoever.

They waste untold billions without blinking an eye on pointless white elephants (HS2), utterly useless military hardware and overseas aid (aka Swiss bank accounts for dictators).

They have absolutely no control over our borders, or ipso facto our population numbers.

They patently despise the concept of individual freedom.

Someone in CCHQ thought it a good idea to promote Matt Hancock to Health Secretary and Gavin Williamson to Education Secretary. By the damp balls of John the Baptist is the best, the very best, they can do?

They selected a philandering, lying unintelligible charlatan as leader. You have no idea of the restraint employed while writing that last sentence.

COVID INVESTIGATION, Pt 2: Matthew Hancloak, the devil not entirely in disguise

The Slog

People might like to see Matthew Hancock as a bungling idiot out of his depth. But slowly emerging evidence suggests that he does know what he’s doing – it’s just not what he’s paid to do. The Slog reveals who the Health Secretary works for, and why they value his contribution.

Frequently, when dealing with a Hancock edict and/or obvious lie, one has to judge: is he just an incompetent prat, or did he say something a bit dodgey for the common good, or is he working to another agenda? To take one infamous example as a pointer: Dr Malcolm Kendrick – highly respected author of the book Doctoring Data – had this to say about the Health Secretary’s disastrous actions in relation to Elderly Care homes at the outset of Covid19: [my emphases]

‘The Health Secretary claims he “tried” to throw a protective ring around care homes…

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