‘Separation is an illusion’……or is it?

This should be compulsory reading for all politicians. And I am well aware that this simple suggestion pre-supposes that any of them are capable of rational thought, self-examination, and possessed of a level of humility which has been well masked hitherto.

The Slog


There’s an African Unity conference going on here in Gambia at the moment. It’s taking place inside an obscenely huge conference hall designed and built by Beijing….a building that very nearly halved the reserve Park available to Red and Fervert monkeys. Very few of the attendees have anything to do with Gambia (a tiny country) but the most important thing for the authorities is that these bureaucrats should be spared the sight of breadline poverty wherever their CD-plate limos may take them.

Every last one of these decision makers is dressed in expensive clothing and overweight. They do not look to left or right, for fear they might have to engage with the socio-economic results of their policy fantasies. But they all have the conference ID cards that mark them out as a species apart….almost as if they might be evacuee kids during 1940.

Out front of my apartment…

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