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One of the most frequent arguments put forward by the pro-mRNA “anti-conspiranoid” tendency goes along the lines of, “Governments do a lot for us….pensions and health services, protecting the country from attack, making working life safer and so on….why on earth would they want to harm us with vaccines, when all they’re trying to do is help?”.

In this post, The Slog tries to show that for years, Big Business and banking has taken the credit for actions that hid an ulterior motive, and Big Government has learned from this corporate virtue-signalling hypocrisy. The more corporatocracy grows globally, the more diabolically ambitious the megalomaniac cooperative’s objectives have become.

The degree to which present behaviour in public office feeds off a past wherein there was, from time to time, genuinely well-meaning government philanthropy is remarkable. For the 7/8ths who prefer little kittens and fluffy clouds, it is a treacherous lifeline they…

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