Covid Passports

Someone recently asked about the logic – or lack thereof – of introducing covid passports. He couldn’t fathom the reason behind Johnson’s push for the passports (or universal digital ID). I suggested that he inspect any herd of cattle in the UK and pay particular attention to the eartags the creatures are compelled to endure from birth to their ignoble death in your friendly local abbatoir.

Here are some willing young participants in the governments latest wheeze; apparently, they embraced the notion willingly so they could go on holiday and pay £7 a pint in a nightclub:

The Johnson creature – and more particularly, the sociopathic bastards who propel him hither and yon – could not care less about the well-being of the populace in this once fine country. We are regarded as docile cattle to be prodded this way and that according to the whims and dictates of the governing elites and, given the servile and dumb acceptance of the majority of people in this country – no matter what further iniquities are demanded of them – who is to say that the powers that be are not largely correct in their conclusions? They are certainly increasingly bold in their fascist tendencies; and I use that word as employed by Mussolini in a rare moment of honesty.

Anyone who has seen the film ‘Metropolis’ will be familiar with this scene:

It occurred to me that the elites would love to see this kind of dumb obedience when it comes to the mRNA experimental ‘vaccines’. Here we have one queue going in for their regular monthly top-up jab, while the others glumly and with no hope whatsoever plod off to whatever shell of a life is permitted.

All life is balance. There will be a reckoning – not revenge, but a balancing if you will – for the evil sods pursuing this agenda.

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7 thoughts on “Covid Passports”

      1. Principia…. was co-founded by climatologist Dr. Tim Ball & co-warrior John O’Sullivan, who put his house on the line to help fund Dr. Tim’s multi-year court case vs one of the chief climate fraudsters. John is a science writer, & the site is backed by about 200 top engineers & scientists.
        Put Ball defeats Mann in search box for fuller story.

        Sincere ajolopies in advance for any disturbance to your beauty sleep, 😉


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  1. Excellent stuff, JD. I shall squirrel that away for future use when being subjected to the latest bout of warble-gloaming bollocks by the hysterical ones. I notice that Youtube has removed Dr. Ball’s item on the importance of the Mann case …

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