SYNCHRONISED COERCION: the defiant now really Under Fire

Vaccine macht frei

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The Boy King Emannuel Macron announced yesterday that he will pass a law requiring all health workers to get vaccinated by Sept. 15 . He also added that, for the broader population, the goal was now to “put restrictions on the unvaccinated rather than on everyone.”

Thus, starting July 21 – a week tomorrow – anyone entering a cultural venue or an amusement park will need to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative virus test, Macron said. This will be extended in August to restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, retirement homes and long-distance transportation.

France will also start charging money for some virus tests, which until now were free, in the Autumn, “to encourage vaccination rather than increased testing,” Macron said.

In short, no jab – no life. And we the more sapiens Homos are UnderFire.

As with most things to do with The Deadly Global Fear Reset Funny…

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