COVID INVESTIGATION, Pt 2: Matthew Hancloak, the devil not entirely in disguise

The Slog

People might like to see Matthew Hancock as a bungling idiot out of his depth. But slowly emerging evidence suggests that he does know what he’s doing – it’s just not what he’s paid to do. The Slog reveals who the Health Secretary works for, and why they value his contribution.

Frequently, when dealing with a Hancock edict and/or obvious lie, one has to judge: is he just an incompetent prat, or did he say something a bit dodgey for the common good, or is he working to another agenda? To take one infamous example as a pointer: Dr Malcolm Kendrick – highly respected author of the book Doctoring Data – had this to say about the Health Secretary’s disastrous actions in relation to Elderly Care homes at the outset of Covid19: [my emphases]

‘The Health Secretary claims he “tried” to throw a protective ring around care homes…

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