THE WEEKEND ESSAY: why being small is the best defence against Mad Big

The Slog

I spoke to my brother two days ago. His daughter lives in San Francisco, and is going through the kind of divorce that makes a war zone look tepid. He said he was depressed about not being able to see his granchildren for a still undefined period of time.

This morning I spoke to my younger daughter in Sydney. She’s close to tears a lot of the time because her mum can’t get there to help with the new baby, and her insane government has now sealed Australia off until mid 2021 at the earliest. I feel pretty much the same…..shut out and pissed off.

I’m a pretty convivial sort of chap, but these bloody masks are infecting my larynx on a daily basis. The mask rules here in France are much stricter than in the UK, and 49 million citizens are back under lockdown.

It is only ten weeks…

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