At the End of the Day

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At the end of a frustrating day, one has to laugh. I made this page capture at a tooth-grindingly left wing ‘Human Rights’ site this afternoon.

The site referred to Britain as a ‘vibrant multicultural liberal democracy’ where the People ‘will always find time to fight against regressive social policies and attacks on our freedoms’.

Please don’t ask me for a detailed critique of the denialism, double-speak and fluffiness involved in that copy: it would take me until a week on Thursday to complete it….and when it comes to the Left these days, I really can’t see the point. I can’t see the point of the deconstructive work involved. More to the point, I can’t see the point of arch ‘progressive’ blather any more. With every year, the British Libleft shrinks in size at a speed that will render it on a par with the Michael Foot Memorial Collectivist Coal…

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