Idle Reflections (after an early evening sharpener …)

It is now Wednesday and, having refused to be co-opted into the bloody nonsense about the wearing of face-masks, I beg leave to report my first encounter with an outraged member of the public in our local supermarket. I have purchased an entirely spurious lapel badge which purports to excuse me on the grounds of a “hidden disability” and it has stood me in good stead thus far:

muzzle exemption

Apart from one possible hidden disability – an intolerance of fools generally and political fools in particular – I am otherwise relatively fit and well given that I shall not see 67 again. But I do try to put others at their ease while I take a modest stand against the extremes of the Contrick19. By and large it appears to have worked …

But not today. I was confronted by a furious lady who demanded to know why I wasn’t wearing a face-mask and didn’t I know they were compulsory and it was the law and it was the likes of me who a danger to the rest of society and was it so very much to ask. I waited patiently until she had finished and politely drew her attention to the badge. Her sudden deflation was pitiable. I imagine that, apart from unknowingly picking on a vulnerable member of society, the awful thought of being arraigned before the magistrates on a charge of vulnerabilism or some such must have sent a powerfully steadying jolt of reality through her unforgiving soul.

The Memsahib listened patiently to her ashen-faced apologies while I wandered off to find a bottle or two of grog. The last I heard as I rounded the aisle was the Memsahib remarking that it was never wise to make an assumption – because that makes an ass out of u and umption. Or something like that.

I reflected on this little vignette later in the day and came sadly to the same conclusion that the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (Stasi) did in East Germany during the heyday of its Communist utopian period: The cheapest means of controlling the population is to get the people to do the dirty work for you – and right willingly will they do it for you too. The sneaking, the determination to bring everyone down to their pathetic level, the fear that your neighbour is probably keeping an eye on your every move and will report you to any local Gauleiter; give anyone the least sprinkling of authority and the mean-spirited majority amongst us will always, always, exceed it. Anyone who thinks that the so-called Dunkirk spirit or the unshakeable resolve that carried many through the Blitz exists today (if, indeed, it ever existed in the first place) had better think again. The backbone has been successfully bred out of the British psyche for the main part by successive generations of milk-sop socialist claptrap and cynical politicians who do the bidding of their even more cynical masters whose inspiration comes from the Frankfurt School and Gramsci among others. There are pockets of resistance, of course, but they are lamentably few and rarely represented in any layer of government or the MSM. Splendid exceptions include Peter Hitchens and Lord Sumption.

I did toy briefly with ordering a facemask – here it is

new mask

Stay safe, mes amis!


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