At the End of the Tether

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I am still posting, but many of you are not receiving

me9719Apologies for once again wasting a post explaining administration “problems” folks, but several trees are being felled across my route to blogging at the minute.

As you probably know, I’m being shadow banned by Twatter. I have posted twice to ask you to join The Slog as a site rather than just rely on my tweets, but the response to that plea hasn’t been great. The reason – only now coming to light – is that, having changed to a personal wordpress domain, there are still (literally) thousands of followers  who don’t realise this, because the ‘auto-switch’ system Google employs “takes a month to catch up” allegedly. Neither Google nor WordPress tell you this before you make the move. Personally, I’m not sure I believe the rationale anyway but heh, this is 2020 WTF do you expect the answer’s…

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