BACK TO -60/WASPI APPEAL: a moment of truth for British Justice

First they came for pension-age women …

The Slog

Since 2009, the British State has stolen many things from we, The Silvers: interest on our savings, safe havens from fiat currency, the truth about inflation, our victory in the EU Referendum, and genuine safety from Covid19….to which we are 11 times more vulnerable than those aged 0-45. But the greatest theft of all has been the State Pension at 60 for 1950s born women.

For the Lord thy Government giveth…..and then taketh away again

In June 2019, the Backto60 campaign group – also backed by the Waspi campaign – brought a judicial review case to the Divisional Court, which examined whether 3.9 million women born in the 1950s were appropriately communicated with regarding changes to the state pension age that result in a later retirement.

Finding in favour of the Government (despite a Himalayan mountain range of hard evidence to prove that all three main Westminster Parties conspired variously…

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