THE SUNDAY ESSAY: The Opposition may be useless and the media working for the State, but we still need a Resistance

Wise words – and a timely call to action, Folks.

The Slog

marrstarmer2 The days of lone bloggers are numbered: they will soon be the next target of those who would silence all contrarian thought, and cannot equal the impact of the ‘old’ mainstream media. Radical realists need a medium of their own, but one connected to a physical Movement at local level. The Slog suggests an opening strategy.

Thursday’s investigative Slogpost on the deeply unpleasant National Socialist “Sir” Mark Sedwill came and went with barely a ripple.

Online and in terms of thread comments, it was by Slog standards an outstanding success: just under 20,000 hits, 71 5-star ratings and a bulging email postbag filled with supporters offering me other useful tips and tidbits that disgusted them as much as one could hope to expect. I must also add, by the way, that it was Slogger Brian who first pointed out to me Sedwill’s directorship at Halo. As ‘man who helps…

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