THE FUTURE OF POST COVID19 FREEDOM: why its high time The Donald and Bojo walked the walk

Lucrezia Borgia had nothing on these subversive psychpaths. JW scores yet another gold at 100 paces.

The Slog

covidboristrumpOver the last three years, a lot of Brits and Americans have put aside their distaste for these two politicians – in a bid to check the power of the Unelected State. It is now well past payback time. The COVID19 nonsense has gone too far: the thinking minority dedicated to the salvation of liberty want action this day

Even if one doesn’t think our political and bureaucratic classes are always bought lock, stock and barrel, the very least we should all expect – given every last penny these wretched people make comes from our labour – is that they should (as a form of due diligence) check the veracity and agendas that accompany the advice they take.

I’ve been drilling into the life and times of Dr Anthony Fauci, Trump’s chief medical “expert” in recent days. The bloke is a serious piece of work.

Dr Judy Mikovits, who joined…

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