THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Covid19 & the rise & rise of the Totalitechnarians

Ze Chermans vere alvays gut at zis planning malarkey 🙂

The Slog

There’s a wonderful old adage which suggests that “the world can be divided into two types of people….those who think it can be divided into two types of people, and those who don’t”. When I worked at the Bates Wordwide ad agency, everyone in the business back then was into global typologies. Bates had a system when I joined called Globalscan that posited five typologies and, as the de facto Executive Planning Director (strategy stuff and data) I was informed that GScan was a vital global client tool.

So I took a crash course in the theory and numbers behind it. It took me an afternoon to work out that it was at best tosh and at worst a post-rationalisation of the potty ideas of Ted Levitt – with a little Jung thrown in for good measure, but not diluted by the wiser thoughts of Joe Stiglitz – who was…

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