WASPI/BACK TO 60: naming the unfunded Fat Pension Sir Humphreys

The Slog

me11117(2) This afternoon’s Slogpost first appeared here on the 27th August 2010. Most of the lies surrounding State Pension Reform (aka infidelity embezzlement by a sociopathic State) had already been disseminated. Ten years on, they have all been rebutted, and the only difference is that Osborne the Undead compounded the crime by speeding up the heist further still in a desperate attempt to impress the markets. SPA reform victims still await justice at the hands of our judiciary: I urge those women not to hold their breath.

During the decade since, this blatant abuse of civil rights has been overshadowed by a series of “bigger” issues like Hackgate, Skripal, Windrush, Brexit and Boris. But none of those involved the deliberate bullying of 3.65 million UK women by an élite itself living in clover on equally unfunded State pensions.

No kind of spin can hide the fact that 12% of…

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